Need a Refresh?

The crisp air from Autumn has finally hit and I was forced to pull out my Fall/Winter clothes. Each season, I get really excited about this because it feels like discovering a new wardrobe twice a year (we have 2 seasons in Minnesota - summer & everything else). But, after the initial excitement, I have to get a little creative to keep it fun & fresh.

My secret? Switch it up! 

I discovered that most women felt this way about their wardrobe each season. You may have pieces you love but you just need a new & fresh perspective on how to wear it.  

On the 2nd, I hosted my 2nd live event (EVER!), the Fall Wardrobe Refresh. I had a chance to share my secret sauce with the ladies, give them new ways to spice up the wardrobe they already have, and answer their burning fashion Qs.

As a BONUS, they were also able to take action, right there, on what they learned. Boy, was this a sight to see :) Watching & listening to the ladies work together to build new looks for their closet. Even those that mentioned they hate to shop, enjoyed it. Creating can be fun when you have some guidance. 


So, because you are my people, I want to share the secret sauce with you too. If you are not to purchase new items just yet, take some time to spice up what you already have. This weekend, I want you to try these 5 steps.

Before you proceed, leave your fashion myths at the door. Allow for some creativity.

1. Place 5 (Fall) pieces you love to wear on your bed (hopefully a mixture of tops & bottoms)

2. Look at your closet for another item you like. Grab it.

3. Try pairing that item with one of the 5 pieces on your bed. 

4. Add an accessory to your new look.

5. Repeat 2 - 5

After doing this a few times, you are bound to create some new looks in your closet. Remember, have some fun with it!

For my social tech peeps, snap a picture and post it in our community.