The $690 ghost that hides in your closet

Are you familiar with the ghost in YOUR closet?

Let me describe it to you: 

It poses as an item that you think looks pretty. You've seen it in the stores, magazines, and even around town. When you tried it on at the store, the rep said "you SHOULD totally buy it. It's so on trend right now."

But, for a moment, you hesitate because you have 10 others just like it at home (that you haven't worn).  However,you've seen this item E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! You here chatter from what feels like everyone, that you should where it & have it in your closet.

So, you give in. You convince yourself to give it yet another try. You think, "I've seen so many others wear it, I should be able to wear it too, right?!" buy it. When you get home, you take it out the bag. After staring at if for a bit, you wonder, why in the world did I buy this yet AGAIN?! Ugh!

Can you relate? Getting stuck into buying something that you feel like you SHOULD wear but just don't want to. I think it's safe to say that we've all been there a time or two. But, let me warn you, it could be costing you a pretty's why...

While working with my client, Teri, we discovered that SHE had been sucked into this cycle too! With scarves!  

While doing our seasonal closet edit, the conversation continued to circle back to scarves. As much as she liked the design, the color, or even the texture of them....we realized that she just doesn't want to WEAR them if a coat & 0 below weather is not involved. 

But, all this time, she continued to purchase them because she felt like she SHOULD wear them with her everyday gear. Therefore, over the last few years, she's racked up about 23 scarves that have been sitting like ghosts in her closet.


Now, let's say that on average, each scarf costs about $30. If we do the math, that's a $690 investment in scarves, something she does NOT like to wear! The truth is, Teri is not alone. We have all purchased things that we honestly don't like. However, that does not have to continue. Instead, you can SAVE $690 by being clear on what works for you & your style. 

Teri is so excited that she no longer has to buy another "ghost" scarf. If you are ready to get clear & save too, click here. 

PS. Here's a helpful article to help you get started.