Hot Fall 2014 Fashion Trends…and How to Wear Them

Autumn season is here! It’s my fav (can you tell?). The leaves are turn into gorgeous colors, there is a crispness to the air, and most important of all FALL FASHION! It’s time to break out the layers! Sweaters, blazers, boots, tights, and the list continues. So here’s the scoop, I’ve laid out 5 hot trends for this fall that you can explore this season. Remember, most trends come and go, so you don’t want a closet full of trends. Sprinkle them through your closet to add more fun and flare. If you need some help, shoot me a note.

Here’s my 5:

1. Robe/Wrap coats

This trend has such a classy feminine twist to it. The coats are meant to be oversized but the soft fabrics and silhouette creates such a nice look. This style looks great with a business professional look to date night. Because the coat is already oversized, wear it with a more tailored, fitted outfit underneath. Our gal Olivia Pope from Scandal loves this look!

2. Dark florals

Florals are typically hot in the spring/summer. Now, designers are transitioning them into the fall/winter season by darkening the background color. Choosing more muted and darker hues to make the florals winter friendly. I think this also gives it a more edgy feel. Florals can be very feminine with the soft, delicate look and hues. Adding the darker colors to it gives it some edge. They can be worn with your dark denim or favorite pencil skirt. If you’re daring, wear it with a dress!

3. Chunky knits

These are always on trend when it’s cold. Keep it cozy and casual.

4. Slouchy pants

The slouchy pants are back. They’ve redefined them with a more tailored fit, but the slouch allows for a little more comfort. Dress them up with a funky jacket and and fancy pumps. Or pair it with an long, chunky sweater, and cute blouse. They are a bit more casual so they are not a top choice for a conservative business look but they are fun for more creative business environment, casual and social settings.

5. Cutout heels

Super fun. We went from cutout dresses to cutout heels. This feature is taking about classic shoe and adding some major flare. Shoes are such a safe zone to explore more drastic looks without going too dramatic. Have fun with this trend. Pick the style that resonates with you, and wear the heck out of it. As long as it’s not too flamboyant or sexy, you can dress these up with a classy pant or skirt suit.

And there you have it. Five trends that you can have fun with this fall season. I would pick one or two that you really like and rock those. No need to take part of every trend. It’s a trend but it still needs to align with YOUR personal style. Don’t succumb to the pressure of trends  It’s meant to be fun.

With style,


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