Embrace the Now: Love your body, Love your shape

I'm SO excited to talk with you again.

I know you have not heard from me in awhile 
but I've been busy making some things happen for my business, my brand, and honestly...my life.

Some GREAT things, some necessary things (not always the most exciting but hey) and some FUN things. I hope that you have been doing well and making things happen in your life as well!

Now, back to it :) 

Each season, I take some time to do some self-image work (yes, I still have to do this too!). This includes some self-embrac
ing, wardrobe cleansing AND a bit of shopping.

This process is so therapeutic for me. I feel so relieved, beautiful, and free all at the same time. So much so that, I felt I needed to share the lesson I learned that led me to start this routine. 

I have talked with other women about this and realized that many of us have experienced this challenge at one-time or another in our lives. I hope that this can help you or someone you know. My story is a little lengthy, but it's worth it! I have a BONUS at the end.

Just two year ago, I gained about 30 lbs. Yes, 30 (no kid involved).

It didn't happen overnight, but it sure did have an immediate effect on my life. The fact that nothing fit, was not only a hindrance when getting dressed, but it was also a major blow to my self esteem.  

And before you know it, you avoid leaving your house, you are not excited about getting dressed in the morning, and tears flow when you stand in your closet chock-full of clothes that don't service you.

.>> It sucks.

I was personally frustrated and definitely not in a place where I wanted to stay.

After being in this place for some time, I KNEW there had to be a better way. And to be honest, there is

We often punish ourselves when we are not at our "ideal" weight. We don't go to the beach because we don't think we'll look great in "beachwear". We don't buy that amazing blouse because we want to lose "10 lbs". The negatives go on & on.

Trust me, I've BEEN there. However, I've learned that this mentality only hurts YOU.

My lightbulb moment: 

Tweet: Learn to love where you are and DRESS IT. http://bit.ly/1EuXVSO @charstyleimage

Learn to love where you are and DRESS IT. 

Yes, it may not be where you want to be, but to get there you have to start by LOVING where you are. There is something about putting on something you feel GREAT in....

You feel unstoppable. You feel free. You feel....good

If you can relate, I can help. 

Join me HERE on Tuesday, March 17th @ 7pm//cst for a LIVE virtual event to chat about:

- Ways to look your best while in a weight transition

- Wardrobe tricks to maximize what you already have

- Q&A on wardrobe challenges and frustrations you've had in this spot

I'm excited to chat with you & help you move forward to dress your beautiful self!

Don't forget to sign up HERE

With style & smiles,

PS. I did a podcast interview on this topic with AMAZING Teri Johnson. Check out the interview HERE