De-clutter, now what?

What's next?

In March, I gave you 5 simple yet practical ways to start your wardrobe De-clutter Process for Spring. If you didn't catch that one, check it out HERE.

Now, you may be thinking, Char - I cleared out 3 bags worth of stuff! My closet is looking fairly bare! Before you grab your purse to head to the store, I want you to do 2 things.

Before I share those 2 things, I want you to know that there is NOTHING wrong with having a LEAN closet. I actually teach my clients to only fill there closets with items they LOVE and WEAR (thank the engineering background for that one).


It creates an effective and quality wardrobe. It takes out much of the guesswork. You can go into your closet and pick up anything that you love to wear! Sounds fantastic and stress-free right?! If you're not there yet, it's okay. Just know you can get there, with some help.

Okay, back to the 2 things I want you to do before you step foot towards a clothing store. 

1. Take notice to what you LOVE wearing --What got you the most clothing mileage last spring? What was your go-to outfit? Identifty the items made you feel awesome. These pieces made you feel like yourself, empowered, and confident. I want you to separate these from the rest. We will use them in #2. 

There is power in wearing clothes that make you feel good.

We all know it. Close your eyes and think about that one outfit that makes you feel GREAT. When you have this outfit on, you just KNOW you are on your game. You stand taller, you feel more productive, and dare I say....unstoppable. Well, I want you to feel that way as often as possible which leads me to #2.

2. Repeat it! -- Observe the pieces you selected in #1. And fill your closet with items that make you feel like that! Fill-in your wardrobe gaps with items that feel amazing on you. It sounds so simple, but often we get sucked into the "sale" trap or the it looks "ok". Don't settle. YOU are amazing and you deserve to FEEL amazing in your clothes.

With style and smiles,