Back to School (and Work) Shopping

It is already that time of the year to wind down vacations, re-focus, and send your kids back to school (and back to work for you). As you prepare to shop for the new school year, I want to share with you a few tips that will ease the pain on your pocket and save you some time.

Take inventory - Take 30 minutes to scan what you and your kids already have. From supplies to clothes, make note of what is still new or can be used for the year. This is also a great time to take note on growth. Has anyone in your house changed sizes? Knowing what you already have will give you a better idea about what you are missing. This will help you avoid "overbuying".

Make a list - Don't keep it all in your head. Jot down the things you need. This will keep you focused once you enter the store. We all know how easy it is to go into Target for one thing and come out with 10!

Create a plan - Most stores are offering all types of promotions and discounts. Use your list to map out a plan of what stores have what you need and at the best rate. You can then, categorize your list by store. 

Simple tips, but it takes some planning in the beginning. I promise it will save you money and stress. If you have any fun shopping secrets that you use at this time, let me know! Share them below :-)

Good luck!