Shopping the "Summer Sale"

Can you believe it's almost September?! As we are holding on to the tail end of summer, retailers have already moved on to fall. Lucky for us, that means that Summer is on SALE.


Stores are already filled with and focused on the new & beautiful fall season fashion & styles. However, it makes it a GREAT time for you to grab up summer sale items. I don't want you to go in aimlessly and fall prey to the "sale trap" (more on this next week) so I've created a simple list of classic staples and a trend or two for you to look for.


Swimsuit - Great time to grab one. They've moved from swimsuits to sweaters. Find one that works for your body type and  feels good on your body. 


Summer dress - There are typically dresses left on every sales rack because they are not the first choice of many. Take advantage. You could always use one for a wedding next year. Think ahead :-)


Try a trend! - Trends are fun and flow in & out of style so don't invest too much money in them. Saw one that caught your eye this season? Grab it on sale and give it a go!


Pair of sandals - Buying shoes are always appropriate, right?! Go for simple, not too many details. You can also replace the go-to pair you wore this season, you will be happy you did when next summer roles around.


Jewelry - This is always a great buy. In most cases, you can wear it year-round and it helps you polish off your look. Know your jewelry item of choice and check out the selection. Buy what you love and leave the rest!


This list only serves as a guide to help you shop the sale. Shopping the sales with a plan help your wallet and your stress. The Bonus is that you can save yourself a shopping trip in the future.