Fall Trends We Are Excited About This Season

Fall trends this season are heavily inspired by 70's fashion and we love it! As you know, history AND fashion repeats. Current designers are constantly inspired by previous fashionable decades. They integrate the old details they loved into new designs topping it with their own flare. The list of trends can be a bit overwhelming this season so we highlighted ten that you might look forward to.

Flared Jeans
Move on over skinny jean because the flare leg is back! This flattering style works on so many figures and looks great in a jean or a trouser. It's highlighted as a trend this year but if this cut works well for you, keep it as a staple.

Block Heels
Chunky heels are replacing the stilettos on the runway. This does not mean pack up your beautiful pumps, the block heel is just giving us more variety & stability for our feet ;-)

Checks & Plaid
The timeless patterns are finally on trend and "cool" again. Checks such as houndstooth are showing up everywhere, in your outerwear to your dress. This is trend is a classic, so don't hesitate to look for a quality piece you can keep for years.

High Waist
This style floats in & out over the years. The cut & lines of a high waist are very flattering for curvy body types.

I can't believe these made a comeback. But this time they are back with a twist. This season, they are calling it "carwarsh" pleats. Though this one may be a stretch for the everyday gal, it will be fun to see this one around.

Patterned Tights
Yay to accessories! Have some style fun with funky and crazy designs & colors for your tights. If you are fairly conservative, this could be a safe way to spice up your look.

Faux Fur
This is the perfect combo for those that love fur but don't want to harm animals. The construction & materials used for faux fur have really advanced supplying you with beautiful pieces that are soft & animal-free.

A twist for the fall season. Typically, the fall season is saturated with muted and subtle colors. Adding neon will sprinkle in some excitement to the mix.

Chunky Knits
If you live in four (or two) season climate, you are probably most excited about this. Huge knits & chunky poncho sweaters are in every store. Pack on the layers this season.

Long-line Blazers
Out of the 10, I am probably most excited about this one. This season, blazers are extending past our waist. The long line creates a beautiful chic & mature look and best of all it's very slimming!

There you have it. The ten trends we are looking forward to this season. Which one are you excited to try?

Photo cred: popsugar.com, instyle.com, whowhatwear.com, glamour.com