Mix your Prints!

Remember when it was a big no-no to wear items together that did not match? The top had to be the same as the bottom? Well, now it shows good style and creativity when you can mix and match. If you are like most, it is a STRETCH to wear ONE print, let alone 2 or 3! But if you are looking to be a bit more adventurous, here are a few ways you can wear mixed prints.


Mix Large with Small - Pick one dominant print (typically the larger print) and pair it with a smaller print. The larger scale print will draw more attention while the small print complements.


Repeat colors - Keep coordination by integrating same colors in the different print style.


Add a solid - Tie it all together by using solid color accessories.


Be daring and try it!


Photo credit: elleuk.com, westcoastcapri.com, popsu.gr