If You Have Larger Calves & You Dread Boot Shopping, I Understand. Read This...

If you are reading this, you may have the same issue I have with knee boots. They are often never large enough in the leg for me to get them past my ankles. Which in the past, had me in my feelings and disgruntled with my "larger" calves.

I've learned better though. My calves are not the problem, the designers are...just kidding. Truthfully, it's an area of opportunity for designers/brands to take advantage of. But, that's another conversation for another time.

Okay, back to larger calves. I absolutely love knee boots & I was determined to wear them. I was tired of walking into the store leaving annoyed and frustrated.

So, what did I do?

The issue is that I never knew if the boot would be large enough just from eye-balling it. So I had to go through the grueling process of trying on boot after boot only to come up short. Super annoying & disappointing right?

I got technical. I noticed that online the circumference of boots are listed in the description.   (Lightbulb) So, I measured the circumference of each calf. Now, I could quickly filter out 95% of the boots that would not work for me. Very helpful. I recommend you do the same. If you know your measurements, it will save you lots of time and energy shopping for those darn boots.

A few other bonus tips:

- If they have an elastic portion on the calf, it's a bonus. It creates more ease for you to get the boot on AND an extra inch or two ;)

- Zippers also help. With a wiggle & tuck, this style usually works out better than most

- Pull-on boots with NO elastic & NO zipper are a NO go. Too hard to put on. Not worth the stress

- DSW, Zappos, Macy's & Nordstrom all carry brands that have boots "extended" calf sizes. I have been shopping at those three for my boots for over 15 years. 

I've lived by these steps for years & has made the experience so much better. I have also noticed that more & more brands are offering "wide" calf options. Yay for more options!

There. I hope that helps you boot shop this season. If you're thinking, that is too much work I can hire someone for that, you're right & you should! Send us a note here & if the fit is right, we'd love to help you. 

DISCLAIMER: Your calf my go up or down from weight gain & weight loss. I know from personal experience.