What I will NOT do in 2016...

First, Happy New Year! I hope that you have had an amazing start to 2016. Can you believe that we are already one month down?!  You haven't let go of your resolutions yet have you? Well, to keep me accountable, I want to share mine with you so read to the end ;-)

The fresh start to a new year usually prompts most to create a list of things they want to "start" doing in the new year. This year, I took a different approach. I made a decision to STOP doing something.

For 2015, I vowed to get more clarity in my business and the direction for the next few years. With that, I went totally into student mode. Researching, reading, absorbing information, coaching, webinars...and so on.

While I did eventually gain the clarity & direction I desired by mid-fourth quarter, I wondered why it had taken so long. So, I went back to reflect & realized....

I picked up a bad habit that I'm leaving in 2015.

It's natural that while in student-mode, we tend to pick up habits from the several "teachers" we are absorbing from. That could be an article in Forbes, a post on Facebook, a book from an expert you admire, or even a conversation with a mentor.

So, during this time, I ended up trying TOO many "success" habits and "ways" of others that just did not fit my strengths, style, or personality. I found myself clothed in someone else's habits, personality, and working style that just did not work.

Can you relate?

I neglected who I am to adopt someone else's "way" that I thought was more successful. And that is what caused me the most confusion. 

Interestingly, I found this to ring true when it comes to our personal image & style too. Over the years, we've piled on the style of others. We wear what our girlfriends (or mother) think we should, we wear what we see in the media, or we just wear what we did 20 years ago because it's what is familiar. In result, we show up in life & business "dressed" like someone else.

Knowing that we operate as our best selves when we can be & wear who we truly are. In 2016, I'm focused on leading my business (& life) being clothed in my true strengths, style, & personality.  How about you?