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Photo: Andrea Ellen Reed Photography; Featured boutique: Frank Murphy

Photo: Andrea Ellen Reed Photography; Featured boutique: Frank Murphy

in the book of life.

In mid-March, I did my annual spring closet edit (yes, I practice the same methods I share with you ;) and I came across an item that made me pause before deciding what to do with it. It was a black sheath dress that at one point, I loved to wear.

It was a simple yet professional style, 3/4 sleeve length, with a bit of stretch to it. It was the perfect multi-occasion dress. I had worn it to business meetings as well as cocktail hours. I would wear bright scarves, bold shoes, and fun accessories with it to give the dress more life. Which leads me to the question, why give it up?

Well, I wasn't sure, so I mentally went through my declutter checklist to figure it out (check it out here if you missed it):

Did it fit? Yes
Was it outdated? No
Good condition? Yes

Was it my style? Hmm.

The thing is, I bought this dress about 4 years ago. At that current time, I was a fairly new entrepreneur fresh off the corporate boat. I was in a new chapter of life AND business. I left a career in engineering that I spent 15 years building (education & experience) only to exit left to start all over to build something that I loved. 

While I was so excited to do this, the experience surely felt like the first day of school again. Remember that feeling? Excited, nervous, & possibly terrified but optimistic about the future. 

However, when I looked at the dress this time around, that's the only thing I saw. The Char that was just starting out this new adventurous journey of entrepreneurship, that didn't know what the heck she was getting herself into, but was willing to try. But 4 years later, I'm a different Char.

It's easy to think about evolving when it comes to our age, our careers, and even our relationships, but honestly, it happens to our style too. In each chapter of life, you get a little wiser, you learn something new, you may add-on a new life title, you may eliminate one, you take more risks, you gain more experience, you experience more clarity. You evolve internally. So, it's only natural for your style to follow suit.

The moment I recognized this, I tossed the dress aside. It had served its' purpose, but I'm in the next chapter of my life book & I don't want part of me stuck in the old one. I want to show up in life AND business as my current self that feels more bold, confident, & at ease. And sometimes that means purging things that technically still fit my body & shape but no longer fit where I am in life.

Are you in the next chapter too? Maybe it's time you walk through these steps too (you can find them here). It's perfect prep for the new season & your next chapter. And if you get stuck, I'm only an email away.