Your Life Does Not Revolve Around a Number

Healthy living is such a headline in our society to the point of it also being a trend. You receive kudos for selfies in the gym & only "juicing" for the week", but what does "getting healthy" really mean & how do you get there?

Until talking with two personal trainers recently, I didn't realize just how closely the pathway to success for personal style & healthy living are related. It's probably because when many of us (myself included) think of health, we mostly identify with it as your number on the scale or perhaps the number inside of our clothes. If we are satisfied with that number, than we are good to go. If not, let not, let the self-sabotage begin.

What I learned from trainers, Jamie & Michelle, is that the pathway to success for healthy living first starts with something that has nothing to do with working out an extra day or eliminating snacks. It all starts with: MINDSET. Though Jamie & Michelle have totally different backgrounds and pathways to becoming personal trainers (their stories below), they both, hands down, said that the success of your fitness & health journey depends on shifting your mindset. Powerful right? makes sense.

We create limits on our potential before we even start! We compare our journey to others & feel deflated. We don't truly believe that we can do it, so we make up excuses. We've said it, they've heard it. But, they know that you don't have to live by the narrative playing through your head. Which is why both trainers focus on helping you shift to a positive mindset to support the work you are putting in with your fitness & nutrition. 

In addition to shifting mindsets & all, Jamie & Michelle also shared some powerful quick tips with us that can help you jumpstart your success for spring/summer. 

- Nutrition is KEY. You can eat one slice of pizza that will wash away your entire workout plus one.

- Set goals & share them with your family and friends for support AND accountability.

- Eat before you are hungry. This will help avoid over-eating.

- Go to the farmer's market once a week and buy one vegetable that you've never tried.

- Prepackage your snacks! Snacking is great as long as it's a healthier choice. Make the decision easy and prepackage.

Jamie & Michelle will have more for us at the upcoming The Wine & Wardrobe Series! They will share a more on how to freshen up our old routines to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Check it out over here.