How to Add More Personality to your Business Photo

In case you were wondering, yes, it's time for you to update your photo on LinkedIn. You've dragged your feet for months (or years) for a number a reasons with one of them probably being "how do I take this photo & professional but not boring". If you can relate, you are not alone. I've been told that it feels like a daunting chore because you don't know where to begin. You may have a slight idea of what you want but clueless on how to translate that to your photos. 

The truth? Business photos do not have to be boring. There is a way to make your brand stand out through your photo, it just requires a bit more thought and strategy. This is a great time to refresh your photo collection, so pause & prepare. Here are a few key tips to help your photos stand out with more personality & authenticity:

What to Say  

I know it's a photo, but it still gives a message. What do you want it to say? Do you want to say, "I am credible & approachable? Powerful & a team player? Creative & strategic?" Take a moment to identify the message you want to send to viewers.

Be your Brand

Are you a banker by day and an improv artist by night? Who you are & what you value shows up in your life everyday. Don't be afraid to let it show in your photo. The whole point of the photo is for people to get a snapshot on who you are not who you dressed up to be.  

Beyond the Black

I know black is any easy go to but if you love to wear color, wear it. I'm not saying totally ditch black, but know that it's usually a safe zone. Adding more color to your look will give it more energy & personality. 

Polish your Look

Don't underestimate the power of a great hairstyle & a bit of makeup. Both can complement your natural facial features to give you a photo-ready look. Unless you are highly skilled in this area, hire a professional to help.

Select your Photographer

Last but certainly not least, find & select a photographer that understands your business & brand. A business photo no longer needs to be in front of a grey backdrop. Work with someone that can help you add more variety to your photos. This will give you a nice collection of photos that are in alignment with your personal & business branding. 

Show up. Be yourself. Smile. It will separate you from the rest.