What to Wear to the Workplace: Summer Edition

It's almost time to enjoy the (humid) heat that we've wished for all fall, winter & spring! It also means that it's time to break out your cute sandals, convenient flip-flops, and oh-so comfortable maxi dress. But, wait, what about for work?

When the temps go up, it adds a bit of complexity to our wardrobe. It's hot outside but freezing indoors. What's a girl to do? I know it's important for you to still maintain your sophistication but also feel comfortable in the hot temps. Below are a few tips on how to stay looking your best in the office during the summer season:

1. Wear layers

Let's be truthful, the summer brings crazy humid days.  It is not ideal to wear long sleeves all day.  Now is a great time to layer up.  If sleeveless shirts/dresses are not allowed in your workplace, keep a blazer or cardigan with you that you can wear in the cold office but take off when outside.

2. Try a Dress

If you have weather similar to Minnesota, you don't wear dresses often in the winter months. Take advantage of the weather and wear more dresses.  Dresses are simple and chic.  They also make it easy to layer.  Opt for a wrap, sheath, or A-line dress.  These have a more structured silhouette and give a more professional feel.  I would stay away from maxi dresses for the work scene (more on that in another blog.)

3. Lighter Fabrics

Shop for lightweight fabrics.  Softer cottons, summer wool, linen, polyester.  Choose garments that do not have a lot of excess fabric, it will only add to your body temperature.  

4. Easy on the accessories

The more you have on your skin, the more warm you will be.  Go for one or two statement pieces of jewelry in the summer.  It will help polish your look without being "over"done and hot.

5. Avoid showing too much skin

Balance is best in this case.  It is never a good idea to show too much skin in the office.  If your legs are out, be conservative with your upper body and vice versa.  Avoid skirts/dresses that are more than 1" above your knee. 

BONUS: people are always watching how we present ourselves.  Take an extra 5 minutes in the morning to be confident and comfortable with how you dress for work.  It will pay off in the end. If you need some help, you know where to find us.