Free to Be You

Every. Single. Day.

But then there is overload...

Overload of opinions. Overload of media. Overload of life. 

As you live life, you add on layers from what you've experienced, what you've been told, what you've read... and before you know it, you don't recognize what's in front of you.

Just last week, I was talking with a client about a few things in her wardrobe that she was "forcing" herself to wear!

When you take a moment to think about that, why would we ever force ourselves to wear anything that does not make us feel great? That sounds so painful. But, to be real, we can all relate to her, right?

You may have forced yourself to wear skinny jeans because everyone else seems to love them. Or maybe you forced yourself to wear a leather jacket because that's what the magazine said. Or maybe you forced yourself to wear a floral print because your daughter said it was in style.

No more.

Stop forcing what does not work for you.

Let go of the overload.

You can get back to your core. Get dressed every day feeling like yourself. Empowered to be you. If you want to release the overload, remove the layers, & dress for the beautiful, powerhouse you are today, take the next step with me here.