It's More than "Just" Clothes...

it's empowerment. It's confidence. It's your boost. And frankly, sometimes, it's the string that holds it together.

Let me share...

I had the opportunity to speak with a group of ladies at the Women's Advocate Center, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse, about personal empowerment & confidence through dress. Knowing they currently have a lot going on, I was honored that they took time to be present with me & for our discussion.

It was such a candid & beautiful conversation about how we can leverage clothes to give us the boost we need for each day when we don't feel our best internally. Sometimes life gets crazy & looks messy but with one outfit, you can totally shift your mood & mindset. When you wear clothes that you feel great in, it gives you a renewed sense of confidence, energy, & hope. Can you relate? ...I can...

Fast forward a couple days, I was on a panel at the before.conference called "The Top 10 Every Entrepreneur Needs" & shared the stage with other amazing women (a total "pinch" me moment, thank you Tena! Honored to say the least.) When asked what keeps my clients up at night, I thought about my discussion on answer: LIFE.

We wear so many hats in our lives: daughter, sister, wife, mother, business owner, career-woman, friend, boss, aunt, etc. The list goes on, seriously.

With several roles in life, it's inevitable that life will serve us glorious moments as well as hard ones. Some days you may wake up feeling like a hot mess, but STILL have to SHOW up for those hats anyway. On those days, we absolutely need those clothes that will help you feel good. That extra boost is needed, why say no to that?

Building a wardrobe that supports you is essential. No matter what chapter or season you are in, you deserve to look good & feel good while you experience the journey. 


Thank you for sharing your time with me. Share your thoughts with us. If you found this was helpful, you can find much more like it below!