Do You Wear a Costume Daily?

I must say it's always fun to look at all the cute babies in their costumes for Halloween. What's even more fun is hearing from friends about how their kids absolutely refuse to take off their costumes, contrary to what the parents want them to do. However, the kiddos love their costume so much, that they want to wear them all day, EVERY day.

And I must admit, I don't blame them. The kiddos just want to feel & be great. In their costumes, they experience surges of energy...and some may even feel invincible, all because of how the costume makes them feel. 

When was the last time you felt that way? 




Recently, a woman told me that nothing in her closet made her feel great. Not. ONE. thing. I could hear my heart break a little...

Think about it, you literally wear clothes every. single. day. You more than deserve to feel invincible for at least 1/365 days, right?

Experiencing at least one day where you feel so great that you are brave enough to ask for that promotion you've been waiting to get or closing a huge contract.

It is perfectly okay to desire to feel how those kiddos felt in their costumes. Happy, beautiful, fierce, powerful, sassy, pretty, fun & confident.

Dare to feel great as much as you can. It will do your confidence & your wallet some good.

Do you desire to feel great? Maybe that hit home for you. If it did share with me by commenting below.

With style & love,