The One Thing you May be Missing in your Closet

A common theme in the closet this season has been:

"I have too many options...but I STILL have nothing to wear...and now, I'm frustrated and overwhelmed. Sigh..."

Can you relate?

Typically, our first reaction is to want to "fix" it by grabbing our purse, to head to the store, to buy yet another pair of black pants that will work with every blouse in our closet.
Because... #tired of no options.

I get it. 

But the truth is, it's not the item that will solve your problem, what you are CLARITY.

Surprised?!  aybe, maybe not. Hear me out anyway...

Let's use grocery shopping as an example. Have you heard the advice, "don't go grocery shopping hungry"?

Why do we say that?

Because on an empty stomach, you will buy every darn thing! You aimlessly walk around to grab any and everything that remotely looks good. 

And the result...

You're boundaries AND budget go out the window and you get home thinking...

WHY did I buy this? What was I thinking? 

It's because you lost your clarity. The urgency of your hunger took over the wheel.

It's similar when shopping for clothes.

When you don't have clarity on what you truly want to wear or how you want to feel in your clothes...the urgency will override and your closet will reflect that. And it ends up feeling more like closet clutter instead of style clarity.

So, for the sake of your energy, wallet and time, before you add one more thing to your closet, ask (and answer) the following questions:

1. Do I love (or strongly like) this {item}?

2. What purpose will this {item} serve in my wardrobe collection?

3. How much am I willing to invest in this {item}?

4. Does this {item} help me reflect who I am or how I want to show up in the world?

These questions will help guide you to avoid the aimless shopping & impulse buying. It will start you on the path to creating a more streamlined closet that supports you vs. overwhelm you. 

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