3 Helpful Resources to Navigate Wedding Season

Love is in the air.

Wedding season happens each year. And each year it seems to sneak up on us. You're a busy woman and sometimes it's just hard to plan accordingly.

So, here's 3 resources you will find helpful to thrive during wedding season with less overwhelm and more style.

Before, jumping into those, be sure to find out these key things, as it will help you find clarity in what you would like to wear:

- What is the date of the wedding? (middle of the summer, late fall?)

- What time of the day is the wedding? (is it during brunch or cocktail hour?)

- Location/venue of the wedding? (is it a beach wedding or downtown in the city?)

- Is there an established dress code?

Now, once you know that info, you can start your search for your wedding look.

1. Rent the Runway --

By far, our favorite resource right now. This amazing site allows you to do dress (and other beautiful items) rentals for 3-4 days at a time. There is a pretty wide selection of styles, categories and sizes for rentals. And if you are unsure of sizing, you can rent 2 different sizes to get the right fit.

A few reasons why we love this resources: 1. It's quick. Depending on your location, you can book this up to about 2 days before your event and get what you need on time. 2. It's the best of both worlds. You can get as fabulous or adventurous as you'd like without the concern of if you will wear it again. 3. It's more environmentally friendly. Wear, rinse, repeat. 

2. Consignment Stores --

Your local consignment store. If you want something more unique and you have a window of time to look, this is a great option. You can find a beautiful piece for less. It's helpful if you have an idea of what you are looking for to avoid overwhelm of options. Narrow in on your idea and look for only that.

3. Nordstrom (Online) --

When your in a pinch, this is an easy go to. They can ship fast and you can filter by your size/brand/category. Bonus, if it doesn't work out, they have a simple return policy, so no buyer's remorse.