How to Pack for a Work Conference

It's conference season.

Now that you actually booked your ticket, the next daunting thing you may be thinking about is...PACKING.

While a woman needs her options, but overpacking is becoming a sad song that you don't want to repeat (or carry). 

Before you throw everything but the kitchen sink in your suitcase, consider these 3 things:

1. Review your itinerary --

What type of events are on your calendar? Are you speaking? If so, is it a keynote or workshop? Do you have a special dinner planned? Will you have some outdoor adventures? Social activities with friends? 

While you of course cannot anticipate every single thing that may happen, you can have a pulse on the flow of your trip. You can plan with more intention. Thinking through the flow of your days will help you know what type of pieces to pack and what to leave at home.

This especially helps with your shoe options. Shoes can take up quite a bit of room, so you want to make sure you don't pack too many but just enough, 2-3 max.

2. Pick a color theme --

Having a color theme makes it easier for you to select items that you can mix and match. It gives you a focus while staring at your closet when thinking what to take. It also helps you avoid the one-wear wonder items that also require their own set of shoes. You don't have room for that in your suitcase. It's helpful to have shoes that will work for multiple outfits.

 Credit: Feather Blue Studios

Credit: Feather Blue Studios

3. Build your clothing capsule --

Utilizing the info from 1 & 2, you can build a capsule of 7-12 items that will work well together for your trip. This will be a collection of tops, bottoms, dress, blazers, shoes and accessories. 

A great starter collection can be: 

- 1 dress

- 1 jacket

- 3 blouses (a variation in sleeve length)

- 2 bottoms (ex. a jean and trouser)

- 2 pairs of shoes

- 2 accessory items (ex. 1 statement necklace and 1 statement pair of earrings)

BONUS item: Pack a pashmina scarf to cover your shoulders for cold conference rooms.

You can also find an example here.

With your color theme and itinerary, you can pack with more clarity, focus and intention to take what you need without the stress and overwhelm. 

Taking 5 minutes to think through your trip will definitely save you hours of mind clutter. 

Happy packing!