Char is fabulous!. She taught me how to choose clothing and accessories that align with the values and personality I want my brand to portray. The best part is that working with Char is like working with good friend. She makes you feel really comfortable whether she’s rummaging in your closet, in the dressing room with you (yup she’ll come in if you let her!) at a store, or overseeing your style at a photo shoot. If you want to elevate your image and your income work with Char!
— Deirdre Van Nest, Speaker & Coach
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Working with Char has changed not only my closet but my life. I know, it may sound a little crazy but the simplification of my closet and the style that she has so nicely pushed me into has been incredible.

From the decluttering of the closet to making shopping EASY, this experience has been more than I thought it would be.

Thank you CHAR!
— Tena Pettis, Owner of Tenacious
Tena Pettis.jpg
I’d been a mom for 18 years and a business owner for five when I decided that it was time to do something for myself. I’m so glad I invested in myself with Char Style & Image Management Consulting.

Our initial phone call challenged me because I realized that the colors and style of clothing I was choosing was allowing me to hide my true self. After my time with Char I have been more confident when I shop and when I put outfits together (two tasks that I absolutely hated). I am more confident in my role(s) my own skin now!

My husband and children have been impressed and pleasantly surprised with my new style options. My oldest daughter said, “Mom! You have legs, and they are hot!”

When I am deciding what to wear I remember what Char told me “You are the boss! It’s okay to look like one!
— Natalia Hals, A Woman's Design & Nesting Place
Natalia Hals.jpg
Char is warm and welcoming. She is highly competent within her field. My clients love her because she takes a coach’s approach and gives them permission to feel confident about themselves and how the present their image to the world.
— Julie Soderlund, Owner of EMERGE Consulting
I had a wonderful time working with Char - she blends a perfect mix of professionalism with approachability. She was able to quickly interpret my personal style, and re-invented my wardrobe so it reflects my current career intentions without losing my sense of self. She even pushed me to wear a couple of items I’d been too shy to show the world - I’m excited to celebrate the new me!
— Dr. Ayanna Quamina, Naturopathic Doctor
Dr Ayanna Quamina.jpg
I am a small business owner who had been in a slump for almost 2 years. After meeting with Char, we determined a plan of action to help me find the right wardrobe to bring out the confidence I needed to relaunch my business. We cleaned 5 bags of clothing out of my closet and then went shopping for clothing that would help me feel good about myself. She encouraged me to try styles of clothing I NEVER would have looked twice at in the store.

Not only did I look fabulous in them, but my confidence grew so strong that people were asking me what I was doing that brought about my new outlook on life and a surge of growth in my business!
— Nicole McLaren, Consultant & Business Director
Char helped my in the selection of some new clothes. My closet looked like it was in mourning (so much black!) and I need to jazz things up a bit. After a preliminary assessment, I met Char at the mall to go shopping.

This was no easy task because usually my shopping excursions would end with no bags and the thought that I hate shopping! This experience was better that I anticipated—what a delight it was to have her help me!

She encouraged me to accept and embrace my body type for which I am very grateful! I came home with some wonderful, colorful and beautiful outfits! I recommend Char very highly!
— Sally McClellan, Owner & Coach at The Do Good Company